1 x 1 oz Silverround Osborne Mint "Anne Stokes Dragons - Kindred Spirits"  -PP-  NEU!!! Vergrößern

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1 x 1 oz Silverround Osborne Mint "Anne Stokes Dragons - Kindred Spirits" -PP- NEU!!!

Hersteller: Osborne Mint
Steuersatz: 19%
Prägung: Polierte Platte
Stückelung: 1 x 1 Unze
Material: Silber
Feinheit: 999/1000
Gewicht: 31,103 Gramm
Verpackung: Kapsel+Box
Durchmesser: 39 mm
Auflage: 3.000 Stück


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33,80 € inkl. MwSt.

1 x 1 Unze (oz) Silverround Osborne Mint 

"Anne Stokes Dragons - 2# Kindred Spirits"


Product Details

Anne Stokes is one of the top fantasy artists in the world creating eye-catching, striking designs. This awe-inspiring round only has a mintage of 3,000 worldwide.

Round Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Individual rounds will come in a capsule along with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Proof round with a mintage of 3,000 pieces.
  • Obverse: Portrayed on this round is an enormous dragon with large horns and spikes and a fur-cloaked woman in a blue dress. The dragon has a fierce, dangerous appearance and the female stands confidently beside him as though the two are friends. The woman embraces the dragon under his powerful jaw while she rests her head against his. The pair are staring off into the distance with the night sky illuminated behind them.
  • Reverse: Features an iconic dragon design by Anne Stokes. It portrays an overhead view of a grand, open-winged dragon. Encircled perfectly by its wingspan are the dragon's turned, uplifted head and curved, spiked tail. Across the top of the coin it reads the text Anne Stokes Dragons while the bottom center text displays weight and purity.
  • Coin designed and produced by Anonymous Mint.

Protect and display your Silver round in style by adding an attractive presentation box recommended for this round.

Add this classic 1 oz Silver Anne Stokes Dragons round to your cart today!

The fantasy art of Anne Stokes features life-like portrayals of art themes ranging from the romantic and mystical to the dark underworld of gothic subjects. Originally from London, England, Anne started her career as a merchandise designer for bands including the Rolling Stones and Queen.


Diese Sammlermünze wird als ganze Unze herausgegeben und besteht aus 99,9 Prozent Feinsilber in der Prägung "PROOF"!

Sie haben einen Durchmesser von je 39,00 mm. 


Geliefert wird dieses besondere Sammlerstück in

einer Kapsel mit Serienenummer auf dem Münzrand


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